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Naomi Mizushima

Chief Executive Officer and Founder 

Certified Peer Specialist, 

NAMI Ending the Silence (ETS) Presenter, 2x Certified NAMI Family to Family, NAMI Japanese Speaking Group Volunteer, and a NAMI member since 2019.

 Naomi is a bilingual/bicultural 2nd generation Japanese American born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. Because she is also a peer with lived experiences and a family member of a peer, after working and living in Japan for most of her professional life in investment real estate, upon retiring, she decided to apply her 35 years of entrepreneurial skills to build the much needed1000 Cranes for Recovery to better serve the Asian American community. 

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Wendy Guo

Educator and Administrator

Certified Peer Specialist. Speaker, Educator, and NAMI  Ending the Silence (ETS) Presenter

Wendy Guo is a peer, volunteer, and mental health advocate for the Asian American community. Her own experience with dysthymia growing up and diagnosis with Major Depressive Disorder introduced her to the world of mental health and advocacy. 

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Jamie Yan Faurot

Community Outreach Representative

Certified Peer Specialist, Speaker, and Community Outreach Representative 

Jamie, a 1st generation Malaysian American is an avid mental health advocate and peer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has won several awards from Marin County for her tireless volunteer work in the mental health field to serve the Asian American community.  


Libby Hartigan

Board Member, Secretary, and Community Collaborator

Libby is the.Director of Training & Quality Assurance at SHARE! the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange Organization for peers. 


Jason Garcia

Community Collaborator

Jason Garcia is the Training Manager at Project Return Peer Support Network. He brings six years of experience working as a Peer Mentor and Recovery-oriented Trainer. He has a BA in Social Science and a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist Certificate.

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Peter Murphy

Board Member and Community Collaborator

 Peter currently works as the Outreach Manager for MHASF. He started  there in 2015 as a coordinator on the San Francisco Peer-Run Warm Line.


Eutah Mizushima

Certified Peer Specialist,  Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Consultant and Web designer

Eutah is a bilingual bicultural Japanese American. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Waseda University, Japan.  He currently works part-time as a facilitator for a support group at  Little Tokyo Service Center.

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Michelle Yang

Speaker and Mental Health Advocate


Michelle is a writer and advocate for Asian American mental health awareness. Visit her blog at

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Natalie Feng Lin 

Speaker and Mental Health Advocate


After graduating from UCE, Natalie worked as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Zappos.when the onset of her schizophrenia began.  She is currently back in Taiwan, navigating her illness and working as a consultant. 

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Chiaki Ueki

Certified Peer Specialist, Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, and Family Support Facilitator

Chiaki is a 1st generation Japanese family member of a peer. She is the founder of the Japanese speaking support group at South Bay NAMI and has been a facilitator for over 10 years. 

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Kara Alyssa Bautisa

Certified Peer Specialist and  Speaker

Kara Alyssa is a Filipino-American  born and raised in the Philippines. She is an avid mental health  advocate, peer specialist , and speaker as a member at Peers Organizing Community Change (POCC) from Alameda County in the Bay Area Region.


Mike Ahn
Seol Young Lee

Speakers and Mental Health Advocates

Mike is the illustrator and Seol is the writer for a comic book series titled "Out of Order". 

The comic book describes their profound story on the mental health challenges. Mike said that Seol just kept gently reaching out to him, even when he was pushing her and his friends away. He described how he didn’t want to burden people, and how as a Korean-American man, he felt ashamed of his mental health issues.

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Carolina Ayala 

Community Collaborator



Carolina is the founder and executive director of The Happier Life Project leads the organization as a trauma informed certified peer coach, facilitator, and advocate for the recovery community in Riverside County. Carolina’s unique approach combines her years of business administration experience with her direct experience as a justice involved woman in long term recovery. 

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Avery Hulog-Vincente

Mental Health Advocate 


Avery Hulong-Vicente is a Filipina-American writer, peer, and Advocacy Coordinator for the LEAD (Lived Experience, Advocacy, and Diversity) Program of CAMPRO

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JR Kuo

Board Member, Community Collaborator, Professional Mental Health

Speaker/Trainer, Founder and Trainer of MHFACE and Coffee with JR

“For many years I have wanted to share my life story. Due to shame and  fear, I lacked the bravery to do so. However, I realized Dr. Lisa Strober,  my former therapist believed that my stories would inspire and change  people’s lives, and at the same time free myself from my own traumas as I  continue progressing on my path of recovery.” JR Kuo

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