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The third Wellness Pillar allows peers, family members, and mental health advocates to create meaningful activities together to connect, interact, and make friends where we can spiritually grow, and strengthen our diverse and rich Asian American ethnic identities as well as help protect against illness and build resilience.

The Wellness Pillar can redefine and strengthen your role in the community and give a deep personal meaning of dignity and gratification to help not only your own recovery but other Asian American peer's path to recovery.  

We encourage peers and family members to get together and create meaningful wellness activities. Here are some activities ideas:  1000 Cranes for Recovery display workshop, learning and practicing Zen or Tibetan meditation, practicing Tai Chi,   learning how to cook  healthy Asian dishes, or celebrating together the Chinese lunar year.

1000 Cranes

The importance of  a community with quality relationships, connections, and interactions on a person's mental well-being cannot be understated.

Come join our community at SHARE! and help build the 1000 Cranes for Recovery display at our lobby. 


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