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Storytelling Theater
for Healing and Social Justice

The mission of Storytelling Theater for Healing and Social Justice is to give Asian Americans a voice by providing a space and courageous space to share their stories, immigrant identities, and mental health experiences. Storytelling Theater will achieve this through interactive theater, which is based on the works of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. Theater of the Oppressed uses theater as a means to promote social change and critical thinking. Ultimately, Storytelling is going to use short theater plays and performances to address, highlight, and bring awareness to the intersection between U.S. Asian immigrant identities and mental health in order to celebrate our cultures. Last, Storytelling Theater wants to use these theatrical plays to educate Asian Americans and greater communities on the importance of immigration in relation to their cultural identities, rights, and mental health.


The goal of the Storytelling Theater for Healing and Social Justice is to outreach, educate, and increase knowledge pertaining to mental health issues and services by utilizing a non-stigmatizing and empowering method that aims to accomplish the following objectives:


  • Increase awareness and knowledge related to mental health illness and combat stigma and discrimination within the Asian American community.

  • Provide resources and information regarding available mental health services in Los Angeles County, especially those services geared towards the Asian American community.

  • Encourage help-seeking behaviors and provide linkage to mental health services, whenever possible, when encountering individuals in need in the community.

  • Build and strengthen the confidence of Asian American community members so that they can be better equipped to face the challenges and barriers associated with having a loved one who suffers from a mental health condition.

Storytelling Theater is sponsored by Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

For the Actors

We are recruiting five courageous Asian American individuals in the Los Angeles County area to be storytellers and actors for the Storytelling Theater: 

  • To share your immigration, mental health, family, and Asian identity,

  • To be part of a theater ensemble,

  • To be coached/directed to become actors (previous acting experience is not required),

  • And, to act and perform plays in front of diverse audiences.  

Your time will be compensated. 

If you are interested in being one of the storytellers and actors, please click here for more information or apply here.

Contact Info:

  • JR Kuo, Director​

ST Logos Yellow.png
ST Logos Yellow.png

For the Community

We're looking for community organizations to partner and host Storytelling Theater workshops for their stakeholders, members, and/or staff.

Storytelling Theater is non-clinical. The workshop, facilitator, and actors will provide a safe, welcoming, courageous, and professional space for participants to appreciate and explore mental health from a new and different perspective.

Who Can Benefit from Storytelling Theater?


  • Staff Member: Storytelling Theater can be incorporated as part of your organizational professional training to educate your staff about Asian/Asian American identities, immigration stories, and mental health.

  • Community Members and Stakeholders: Storytelling Theater workshop utilizes innovative, creative, non-stigmatizing, interactive, and culturally appropriate methods to address mental health and other vital issues relevant to Asian Americans. Thus, it can serve as an excellent alternative workshop for your community members and stakeholders, fostering increased awareness and knowledge about mental health illness and combating stigma and discrimination within the Asian American community.

If your organization is interested in parterning up, please contact:

  • JR Kuo, Director​

Storytelling Theater for Healing and Social Justice is sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health.
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