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“ Several studies report that Asian Americans exhibit more severe disturbances compared to non-Asians, suggesting that they are more likely to endure psychiatric distress for a long time, only coming to the attention of the mental health system at the point of acute breakdown and crisis.”


My Reason


"I founded the 1000 Cranes for Recovery because like my family, too many Asian Americans have long suffered this pervasive disease of mental health conditions existing in secret and is endured in isolation often caused by cultural stigma and shame.


The issues surrounding Asian American mental health are extraordinarily complex especially for 1st and 2nd generation Asian American families. Because of cultural stigma, they are often left untreated, undiagnosed, and hidden, leaving the risk factors to be daunting. As a result, Asian American mental health issues often last a lifetime with the highest rate of suicide.


The most important step to recovery and often the most difficult one

- is to break the silence and start talking about Asian American mental health issues and learn to break the model minority myth and build cultural humility." 


Founder, Naomi Ann Mizushima


6  Reasons To Join Us 


Our Mission:

Our goal is to unite and empowers 1000 mental health advocates by focusing on an integrated recovery model of three care pillars: Raising Awareness, Educating, and Wellness Activities utilizing cultural humility to better serve the Asian American community.

Value of the Community 

Traditionally, Asians put great value on the community and family as a unit. 


The 1000 Cranes for Recovery is based on an old Japanese tradition where community members unite to fold a thousand beautiful origami cranes to wish for someone's recovery.

Today's stressful environment demands "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps".  1000 Cranes for Recovery believes in being part of a supportive community without judgement and to do something  meaningful together can be a powerful source of recovery.

"All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts and actions in unity,  we make the world" 
-The Buddha

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