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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” -Maya Angelou




Asian Americans often carry deeply buried untold experiences of trauma and mental health conditions due to cultural stigma and shame.


Every story shared of lived experiences and recovery is profoundly important.


It redefines and strengthens your role in the community and gives a deep personal meaning of dignity and gratification to help not only your own recovery but just as important, other Asian American peers' path to recovery. 


Sharing your story strengthens hope and resilience for all.

Guest speaker, Michelle Yang is a writer and avid mental health advocate. She  shares her  incredible journey through mental health and cultural challenges. Being Chinese, born and raised in Korea and then immigrating to the US, she was not only torn between the Eastern and Western culture but faced discrimination and racism for many years. This presentation was in collaboration with SHARE! Self-Help and Recovery Exchange organization.  

Learn from Mike and Seol how they overcame their mental health challenges and their struggles with cultural barriers coming from traditional Korean families. Mike said that Seol just kept gently reaching out to him, even when he was pushing her and his friends away. He described how he didn’t want to burden people, and how as a Korean-American man, he felt ashamed of his mental health issues. Seol said, “Even deep in their illness, people recognize that you’re trying. Just letting them know that you are there means a lot.”

Welcome to Stories of Hope and Healing, an intimate vulnerable show on NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Channel where we discuss our mental health over time. Today's episode features Naomi Mizushima. Listen in as she shares her experience with PTSD, suppressing emotion, and cultural stigma in the Asian community.

My Journey With Schizophrenia
"I’m the first person in my family to have received a college degree. I’m also the first one in my family to have been diagnosed with a mental illness." Natalie Feng Lin, Taiwan
Listen and learn from Jamie, a 1st generation Chinese Malaysian on how she battled not only her own mental health issues but as a family member of a peer. Jamie shares her story of homelessness, suicide, and other mental health challenges for this Cultural Humility training session in collaboration with Project Return. She is an avid mental health advocate in the San Francisco area. She has won several awards and received recognitions for her tireless efforts advocating for the Asian American community.

1000 Cranes for Recovery conducted a 3 hour online  Cultural Training Workshop. Learn from our guest speaker, Natalie Lin from Taiwan on how she navigates her Schizophrenia.  This  workshop was conducted as part of a training course for Certification of Peer Specialist in collaboration with Little Tokyo Service Center and Project Return Peer Support Network. 


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